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The nutrition of seaweed and choice

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As a kind of snacks, seaweed and other food is so different. Black color, delicious taste, crunchy taste... This makes it soon becomes the favorite of children and women. For its nutritional value, however, many consumers still don't know much about it. Baby eat seaweed, ok? They may also have a lot of questions, mom.




Seaweed - delicious gifts from the sea




In fact, the raw material of seaweed is a kind of algae in the sea, also is the Chinese say laver. In seawater and seaweed is a kind of green and brown green algae and fine, dry into a purple. Compared with other algae, seaweed has a unique advantage, is that it is a rich source of glutamic acid, alanine, glycine and so on the many kinds of flavor substances, has a unique delicious taste, make it become the increase fresh soup on the table. Laver after baked crisp texture, melt in your mouth, especially after seasoning processing, add oil, salt and other spices, it has become a special delicious "seaweed".




In the east of Japan and South Korea, seaweed is indispensable in the family food. Both laver rice balls, and nori PaoFan, laver always is one of the highlights on the dining table. Japan's astonishing seaweed consumption, 10 years ago, seaweed consumption in Japan has reached to 185000 tonnes a year, equivalent to the daily consumption of 4.1 grams per person. In contrast, the number of Chinese people eat laver is much less, a lot of people also eat less than a year round.




The inside of the seaweed nutrients




And seaweed, wakame (sea cabbage), such as Marine algae of seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals and is low in fat and low calorie food. From the seaweed production of seaweed also has the very high nutritional value, a fashion family healthy snacks.




The kinds of seaweed in vitamin more, concentrated the laver of all sorts of B vitamins, especially the content of riboflavin and niacin is very rich, there are A lot of vitamin A and vitamin E, and A small amount of vitamin C.




Seaweed contains about 15% of minerals, which are necessary to maintain normal physiological function of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, etc., which containing selenium and iodine is especially abundant. These minerals help the body to maintain the acid-base balance of the body, is conducive to the growth and development of children, the elderly can help slow the aging.




Seaweed in the protein content reaches 27%, only 1.1% fat, dietary fiber content as high as 22%. Of these proteins, amino acid composition is balanced, 8 kinds of essential amino acids accounted for 40%, high biological titer. In the midst of a small amount of fat, not saturated fatty acid ratio is very high, and the proportion of the fatty acids EPA and DHA activity is extremely high, to reduce blood fat, cholesterol, dilate blood vessels and improve circulation, etc have beneficial effects. Which contains taurine on reducing blood fat and promote neural development is also very good.




However, given the seaweed is very thin, every day can only eat a few grams to 10 grams of weight, so it is in terms of protein and fat doesn't make sense. It provides the significance of trace elements, in contrast, more people pay attention to.




As a kind of snacks, seaweed is very low heat, fiber is very high, almost no risk of fattening, are women and children are safe to eat delicious snacks.




The health care efficacy of seaweed




Seaweed can be not only lies in the nutrition, the benefits of its health care effect is more remarkable.




British researchers found that in the 1990 s and some seaweed can kill cancer cells, enhance immunity. Algae bile protein content in the seaweed have fall blood sugar, antitumor applications; The polysaccharide has anti-aging, fall hematic fat, antitumor biological activity. Seaweed contains alginic acid, also helps eliminate toxic metals in the human body, such as strontium and cadmium, etc. Medical personnel from seaweed also developed unique activity of Marine drugs and health food, and can effectively prevent aging, regulate the body's metabolism. In addition, the seaweed can prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer, anti-aging, ms help maintain a healthy skin lubrication. Folk also often let postpartum women eat some seaweed, is said to have significant galactagogue effect.




Small remind: appropriate and avoid eating seaweed




Although seaweed has benefits, but the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks laver taste salty, cold sex, can clear heat, phlegm, diuresis, summer eat laver have summer hot, fill the role of the body, patients with high blood pressure, tuberculosis, beriberi patients, pulmonary heat phlegm more suited to eat seaweed, but the spleen and stomach cold, abdominal distension person is unfavorable eat more easily. By sea moss in processing after taste, contains more salt, therefore also need to control salt to appropriate restraint seasoning seaweed consumption, can eat no flavor of seaweed appropriately.




Tip: seaweed can how to eat?




Seaweed as "sea vegetables", how to eat is very diverse.




Eat roasted seaweed chips, it is the good snacks.




Eat rice, with some seasoning seaweed, cut into small pieces, taste delicious, increase appetite.




Modulation of cold dishes and salads, Tess, with a bit of sea can be as a condiment.




Mix fillings, add seaweed, then making dumplings and steamed stuffed bun.




Little knowledge: how to judge the quality of the seaweed?




Determine the quality of the seaweed is generally look at its color, color, aroma and taste, the appearance is characterized by seaweed internal factors such as protein, amino acid, and determined the content of pigment composition such as. Good quality seaweed, black or dark purple color, with bright luster, crunchy texture and moist, smell the aroma, melting into the mouth quickly, delicious mouthful.

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