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Seaweed nutritional and medicinal value

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Seaweed is lower in the position in biological classification of sea cryptogam plants. By sea moss life rich in a variety of active substance, such as polysaccharides, high unsaturated fatty acid, taurine, carotenoids, steroid chun and seaweed glycine, either as part of their daily food, and extraction of active substance as a drug, seaweed has great benefits to humans.


Seaweed is a good snacks, low heat, high fiber, health care function a lot. As a kind of snacks, seaweed is very low heat, fiber content is very high, almost no risk of fattening, are women and children can safely eat delicious snacks. With anti-aging, fall hematic fat, antitumor, etc various biological activities. Seaweed contains alginic acid, also helps eliminate toxic metals in the human body, such as strontium and cadmium, etc. In addition, the seaweed can prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer, anti-aging, ms help maintain a healthy skin lubrication. Folk and often make postpartum women eat laver folk prescription, it is said that there are significant galactagogue effect.


Seaweed except as snacks, there are many ways, such as eating, with some seasoning seaweed, cut into small pieces, delicious taste, increase appetite; Modulation of cold dishes and salads, Tess, with a bit of sea can be as a condiment; Mix fillings, add seaweed, then making dumplings and steamed stuffed bun, etc.


Seaweed has a unique flavor and nutritional value. Seaweed can be a food reducing weight, obese patients because it is low in calories and contains a lot of cellulose, feeling full after eating a small amount. Seaweed can also as a person with diabetes to eat food, because it does not contain sugar; In addition, seaweed as high blood pressure, heart disease patients health food also has excellent health care effect. Seaweed is contained in a variety of trace elements, such as iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, etc., these elements are closely related to and physiological activities of human beings, in which iron is an essential part of human hematopoietic function, zinc helps children's intelligence development, calcium can make the person's bones strong, and in recent years, studies have shown that selenium can prevent cancer, enhance the immune function of human body. Therefore, both the elderly, and young people, edible seaweed can strengthen physical health prevention and cure.


Seaweed is medicine has plants since ancient times. In the Ming dynasty written by li shizhen in the compendium of materia medica has listed the seaweed medicinal value. People in daily life to eat seaweed, can treat beriberi and sore throats; Kelp big neck disease can be cured, it is the method of folk spread already a long time. Through modern high-tech means, life active substances extracted from the algae, synthetic drugs, offers a new opportunity for the development of Chinese traditional medicine. Seaweed polysaccharides of seaweed and brine terpene material has improve human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-viral activity. Seaweed polysaccharides with HIV (human acquired immunodeficiency virus), make its inactivation, thereby inhibit the replication of the virus, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS; Seaweed polysaccharide can also reduce the blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis in the lipid content, as well as the treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel. The beta carotene in the spirulina can protect eyesight. Extracted from the deep sea fish oil high unsaturated fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is to improve the effect of the brain intelligence and enhance human immunity, and in the seaweed can extract the two substances. Therefore, seaweed as raw materials, pharmaceutical production, can greatly reduce the production cost, improve economic efficiency. Seaweed can not only as a food, drug, can also be used for agricultural production, and cosmetic industry. Seaweed contains indoleacetic acid, kinetin plant growth, seaweed phenol and other organic material, used in farming as fertilizer can rise to drought, salinity penetration resistance, cold-resistant, sterilization and growth promoting role. Will be made from seaweed fertilizer, not only can reduce cost and increase economic benefits, also can cause a harm to human body to remove pesticide residues. The seaweed powder added to the feed, can improve the meat quality, increase production, and can improve the survival rate, this is mainly because of seaweed flavor is unique, and is rich in amino acids and proteins. Seaweed surface with a layer of very wet mucus, mainly used in tide was to protect the surface of seaweed, prevent excessive insolation and cause death. According to this principle, people studied this layer of mucus, and found that it is a kind of polysaccharide substance, can have excellent ductility, made into cosmetics, it has the effect of moisture, sun protection. Now in the market sales of the main material of dabao SOD honey is SOD, its Chinese name is called superoxide dismutase (SOD), can prevent the surface oxidation caused by excessive insolation skin factor of activation, in seaweed can also extract the enzyme.


In a word, the seaweed contains a variety of active substances associated with human daily life. Seaweed is a representative of the primary productivity in the oceans, the quantity of the ocean, and variety. Human beings should realize the value of algae, and fully take advantage of, such not only can protect human health, and also can protect the earth's biological resources, make human production and living can be sustainable development. Life is the result of the ocean, make full use of the ocean, to make life forward.

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